FELET FT-588-1

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FELET STRINGING MACHINE,588 -1.This machine mounting system will provide a more secure holding to avoid frame distortion,while stringing with high tension strings especially,for larger size racket frames.This machine made entirely of high quality steel.Additionally,the mounting system was combined with main pin head to stabilize the rackets position.As an additional factor,the Tension head will calculate tension precisely with classics,Eagle Head designed by FELET. All FELET series  equipped with the Electric Braking System as well as newly developed push down system to stabilize any badminton racket.

CONTROL PANEL:3 Digital Screen Led Display 
POWER SUPPLY: Suitable for universal power voltage 
SPEED OPTION: Low,Middle,High 
STRING OPTION: Regular,Nylon and Kavlar 
PLATE: Stabilized Plate 
BRAKE OPTION: Auto and Manual 
LINEAR STRING GRIPPER:Calculate tension precisely with elegant Eagle Head Designed
*Disc brake system enables quick reaction to improved accuracy 
*Height adjust crank 
*Tool tray for place stringing tools
*Pulling count records  
*360 rotate turntable