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FELET STRINGING MACHINE 3288,this stringing machine has an excellent clamp in touching each point of the racket,without loss of tension.Electronically controlled,constant pull system provides precise tension.This stringing machine can be utilized for various rackets which included badminton rackets,tennis rackets and squash rackets.The machine comprises a big plate to securely maintained the consistent of the string while stringing process.Made entirely of high quality steel and,this model guarantees precision and reliability.

CONTROL PANEL:3 Digital Screen Led Display 
POWER SUPPLY: Suitable for universal power voltage 
SPEED OPTION: Low,Middle,High 
STRING OPTION: Regular,Nylon and Kavlar 
PLATE: Standard Plate 
BRAKE OPTION: Auto and Manual 
LINEAR STRING GRIPPER:Calculate tension precisely with elegant Eagle Head Designed
*Adjust height to stringer for correct posture during stringing 
*Adjustable mounting posts 
*Pulling count records
*Height adjust crank 
*Digital Control panel for advanced stringing function and programming 
*Can be used for tennis,squash and badminton rackets  
*Tool tray for place the stringing tools.